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Pre season ramble 1st Dec

You will be glad there are more pic's than words this week. The slopes are busy at the moment. I know it's still pre season but with 357 uplifters on the hill while we were there, Take away the racers on the slalom course and the walkers and eaters. It...

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3 things to remember. 18th Saturday

1, And this goes out to all my ski buddies who still have time. Do your pre-ski training. JUST DO IT, “shut up” and DO IT. Today I was met with this gloriousness. Could I ski it? Bugger could I not. Could I ski this beauty? Not as I would have liked....

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Good news

Weekend outlook from 18 to 19 November 2017 Winter is here in LAAX! It snows and the temperatures are also ideal for preparing perfect slopes. For this reason, further railways and slopes will be put into operation on the mountain next weekend, from 18 to...

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No weekend skiing this weekend but…..

No service on 11./12.11. - preparations at full speed The snow is here - and there is much more to come! Next weekend the mountain railways will be closed due to the current wind and weather forecasts for the Vorab glacier.  Thanks to the weather...

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Season opener

Saturday 4th November 2017 – not a bad start. As it’s only glacier skiing it requires 3 lifts to get there. As we rode the cable car up to Crap Sogn Gion we got our first sight of the renovated station (sorry forgot to snap a shot, here’s one from the website) It...

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About us

My name is Nick and I live in Laax village. My partner Emma and I have been skiing in the area for many years, but we realised that simply spending time in her holiday apartment was no longer doing justice to the connection we feel to the area, and we made the move a permanent one in late 2016 (to a new-to-us apartment).

I have over 20 years’ skiing experience, having worked in France as a ski host for a number of British tour operators. I am a confirmed skier – I did try snowboarding but my mind likes two feet = two planks!

We love the mountain life, both winter and summer, and want to share this with as many people as possible.


If you’re lucky you might meet Heros the snow dog as well.

About Laax

.The LAAX winter destination in Graubünden is one of the largest skiing areas in Switzerland, featuring 224 kilometres of slopes, 4 snow parks and 5 snow-covered downhill runs. With the new Snow & Park Area, Flims Laax Falera offers a unique range of ski holidays for beginners, pros and families. Winter sports and ski holidays are more than just skiing and snowboarding, or snow and sun. Winter holidays in Flims Laax Falera are made up of experience and relaxation, adventure and fun, thrills and community, sport and lifestyle. The LAAX destination in Graubünden is a modern, dynamic and family-friendly ski resort for your winter holiday in Switzerland.

The area has lots to offer; great pistes, freeride areas that are patrolled but not bashed and, of course, off-piste through the trees. Toboggan runs, cross-country skiing, ice skating, curling, snowshoeing and not forgetting all the parks and pipes for those who still have good knees.

With the Vorab glacier rising to 3000m, 70% of the ski area over 2000m and plenty of snow-making capacity, snow cover is rarely a problem. And with the main resort bases at an altitude of around 1100m skiing home from top to bottom gives you an excellent, varied ride. Do you have the stamina to cover 17 km top to bottom non-stop?

There are lots of bars/cafes/restaurants both on the mountain and at the base stations for that après-ski drink.

Check out the website at https://www.laax.com/ for more information, it is kept very up-to-date and the local weather forecast is the most accurate.

I also really rate the Laax Inside app https://www.laax.com/en/service/laax-inside-app – in my opinion one of the best apps going. It’s a bit like a smartphone; I never realised I had a need for it until it came along, and now I’d never head up the mountain without it.

Why Blog?

In the dim and distant past, I used to write about walking routes I hiked in the Peak District (where I grew up) and found I enjoyed sharing the experience. While working in France I continued to write a weekly blog. Now I’ve made my home in a resort that unaccountably seems to have largely slipped the attention of the UK market (except for the freestylers, who know where to come for world-class parks and pipes), I’m hoping my contributions will give you a glimpse of what could lie in store for you here. And maybe even whet your appetite to visit and book our lovely rental apartment. http://skilaax.ch

Useful links

https://skilaax.ch/  -Luxury apartment in Laax

https://www.laax.com/en -Laax Website

https://www.laax.com/en/service/laax-inside-app  -Laax App page

http://snowheads.com/  -English speaking forum

http://sail-ysl.ch/  & http://cloud9sailing.ch/ – our summer jobs, learn to sail and or come and enjoy the Greek Ionian.