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Pre season ramble 1st Dec | Relaax
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You will be glad there are more pic’s than words this week.

The slopes are busy at the moment.

I know it’s still pre season but with 357 uplifters on the hill while we were there, Take away the racers on the slalom course and the walkers and eaters. It might explain why at times we felt alone, loved it.


It could also have something to do with the -14c biting home at the bottom of the Plaun run. Also some cloud drifting in and out but overall a great time on great conditions under foot.

As promised interior pic’s of the Galaaxy. Having stopped for a warm up and a quick eat we thought it looked better in person than in some of the publicity shots.

It’s really growing on us as a good move and a bit different.

The area between lifts and the outside

In the main eating rotunda.

A bit of green around the drinking fountain.

There does need to be new signage to find the facilities


The gents door is hidden behind a coke machine, I do feel this is quite appropriate.

It’s lit up in neon so it must be true.

Can you spot the door to the ladies?


As we down lifted we noticed the bashers out preparing the slope home so it’s looking like the home run is to be opened tomorrow. Lets see.

Enjoy your weekend.