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3 things to remember. 18th Saturday | Relaax
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1, And this goes out to all my ski buddies who still have time. Do your pre-ski training.

JUST DO IT, “shut up” and DO IT. Today I was met with this gloriousness.

Could I ski it? Bugger could I not. Could I ski this beauty?

Not as I would have liked. Cutting down the piste like a God and Angel?  Nope.

However the frequent stops to draw my breath. Did allow me to see what is coming soon.

So When every day I don’t ski I will be out for a run, on the cross trainer or having a swim. Honest.

2, I’m Fifty.

I know, I know I only look 49. A lot of the time I don’t feel it (I tell myself)  But today I was stiff as an Iron girder and not in a good way. So Item 1 Applies to all you old farts.

This I bounced over not cut through. It took me 4 runs to warm up and begin to start to flex. It was not pretty.

3, Finally the ski conditions.

Very good, very hard, boiler plate on piste, which is no surprise considering how cold we have had it overnight.

If it holds and the weather forecast atm does not predict any great warming up it will be an excellent base. Looking good for the season.

Crap Sogn gion  looking good, I think  this revamp will become a good move, BTW the inside is well interesting, I will try to remember to take some pics tomorrow.

Annoyance of the day:

Besides I’m 50 and cannot ski, only a small one. Following a couple of guys into the gate for the cable car down, I was mister 101 and it would not let me through. So another 20+ minutes (11minutes 20 each way if memory recalls) before I got down. Not really a problem when I can watch these guys doing something I don’t think I could do.

So Tomorrow it is going to snow. Am I going to go up the hill?

You bet. Am going to be be able to ski is another matter. (old fart syndrome)


Ski safe and remember rule 5.