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Season opener | Relaax
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Saturday 4th November 2017 – not a bad start. As it’s only glacier skiing it requires 3 lifts to get there.

As we rode the cable car up to Crap Sogn Gion we got our first sight of the renovated station (sorry forgot to snap a shot, here’s one from the website) It looks to me a bit like a WW2 disruptive pattern camouflage.


However, on a longer look, I like it. Let’s see how it blends into the mountain over the season.
The second lift up to Crap Masegn  I began to have a thought which was confirmed on the Fuorcla bubble. There is more snow already than the last time I skied the first day (2 years ago) but we do know what happened last year so fingers crossed

Funny how I forget just how long the T-bars are to the top, not helped by a breakdown half way up, but you’ve got to expect teething problems on the first day.

So up on the glacier it was great to be back on my skis putting in a few turns, not too cold or windy.

Sorry not much to report as the glacier runs are the glacier runs. A good number of people up there for the day, 1028 as I recall from the Laax App – a must get if you’re skiing here. I will wax lyrically about it soon.

Finally after a hot choc we did the long lift ride back to the Telestation Laax. We did share the bubble with a couple which induced an eye rolling moment when she complained about finding it hard under her skis.

Is it worth all the lift time just to ski a few runs. YES for two reasons.

1, It’s skiing. After a summer off it’s always good to get back on the planks.

2, It’s worth doing just to annoy my ski buddies 😊

More coming soon, ski safe.