Ranging from assembly of flat-pack furniture, mounting of blinds/curtains/pictures, garden fencing  any work is easily accomplished with minimum waste and mess in the best possible time.fence1We have our own tools including a vacuum cleaner! so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Nick came to us to put a fence around the swimming pool to stop two young children gaining access to it. It was a fairly complex job in that the shape around the pool was not easy to fence securely and the condition in the ground was not good to take concrete for the poles. Nick worked diligently and capably to solve these issues and the result is excellent. The fence is totally secure and looks as though it has always been there. I can thoroughly recommend Nick even for more complex jobs to be competent and reliable




The gateway lead directly onto a busy road, so a gate and fencing was required to make it safe.







An example of a larger job I have recently completed, turning an empty business unit into a classroom office and kitchen area.